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Picture This 2005/06

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Welcome! Ilo La! Heni Odjen!

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On a Mission

Our primary mission is to provide a network in which to unite students of African and Caribbean origin and to support their progression in the wider community. We also aim to promote and share the rich and diverse cultures of these nations through both educational and social activities.

Whats up!

What's up everyone!  Welcome to the ACS's webpage.

It's our aim to keep you up to date with whats going on with your ACS throughout the academic year...

  • We would like invite those interested in being part of the decision-making ACS Committee to step forward  make themselves known by emailing

  • As you know October is celebrated as BLACK HISTORY MONTH but as you should be aware, Black History month is EVERYDAY so it's only right  that we all get involved to embrace African and Caribbean culture! Check out the "Whats On" page for forthcoming events and "External Events"

  • How about you check out pictures from some of last years events on "Picture this"




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a self-funded, non-profit organisation our existance relies upon our membership base.  The more members we have, the more we can provide
for you guys.  Besides, the more the merrier!

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